Jimmy Deros

Instructor / Owner

Sweden K9 Dog Training was started by Jimmy Deros in 2017 but then the company was called Trelleborgs Hund. The reason for the name change was that we started collaborating with other dog trainers internationally and felt that the current name was more appropriate.

"This journey started in 2008 when I decided to get a dog. I then started by going out and watching dog training at different clubs and also started to help with the training of other dogs. In 2010 I finally found a dog that suited me and the training took off, I started to work as a K9 handler for a security company and worked there for about 5 years and training my K9 dogs (I got another) as part of everyday life.

I found a great passion when I was introduced to scent detection and started my first one year cours at a local company, the following year I signed up for another year course for the same company but then with another dog. When these two were completed, I helped at that company as an instructor and chose to continue training and then found SWDI (Scandinavian Working Dog Institute) for which I went another year cours in scent detection.

Now in 2021, I have had the great honor of being one of the participants who have been selected to attend to SWDI's first Master Trainer Course for civilians as part of my continuing education. We at Sweden K9 Dog Training understand the importance of always looking for newer and better information in order to develop as a dog trainer. We are forever disciples! "


  • Evolution - Ethology Institute / Roger Abrantes

  • EFR for Animals - Ethology Institute / Roger Abrantes (Emergency First Response)

  • Ethology and Behaviorism - Ethology Institute / Roger Abrante

  • Dogs Home Alone - Ethology Institute / Roger Abrante

  • Canine Behavior - Ethology Institute / Roger Abrante

  • The 20 Principles - Ethology Institute / Roger Abrante

  • Advanced Concept in Motivation - Michael Ellis

  • Obedience & Behavior 1&2 - Tylor Muto

  • The Power of Training With Food - Michael Ellis

  • The Power of Playing Tug With Your Dog - Michael Ellis

  • Training The Recall - Michael Ellis

  • Three Day Workshop - Michael Ellis

  • Leash Reactivity - Tylor Muto

  • The Power of Training Dogs with Markers - Ed Frawley

  • Års utbildning Specialsök - SWDI (2020 - 2021)

  • Focused Heeling - Michael Ellis

  • Väktarhundförare 2010 - 2016

  • Webinar lektion 1, Principles of Learning - Dr. Nathan Hall

  • Webinar lektion 2, Odor Properties and Tracking - Dr. Nathan Hall

  • Master Trainer - SWDI (2021 - 2022)